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materials and sustainability

Yes, we work hard to ensure all of our products have an eco-friendly, sustainable approach. This is what LoveLocal is grounded on, and why we work primarily with high quality materials like 925 Silver.
All of the raw precious metals we use are made from recycled material, purchased from green certified refineries that meet the highest standards for ethical sourcing and minimal environmental impact. We also recycle all of our scraps generated in the development and production process of our jewelry.

925 silver, simply means that your jewelry item is 92.5% pure silver, with the remaining 7.5% being made up of alloys to help shape the otherwise soft silver in place. Pure silver is the perfect combination of beauty and durability. 925 silver does not wear or tarnish, so it will stay shining bright with you for a lifetime under the proper care.
Our jewelry passes the strictest EU standards of Nickel, Lead and Cadmium exclusion (EUEN1811, and EU EN12472). These are the materials normally found in other brands offering stainless steel and are responsible for green necks, allergic reactions or simply your jewellery fading, oxidising and rusting.
By offering 925 Silver, we know that your jewelry will last, will not react, and is sustainable.

All of our stones are conflict-free, because they are lab grown instead of mined and harvested. AAA Cubic Zirconia are the best in quality stones available. Just like diamonds, the AAA rating is for the stone’s luster and shine making it top of the market, and a hardness rating of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, meaning that this gem does not scratch easily.
If you are looking for all the shine and sparkle of a diamond, but without the environmental impact and guilt, then these stones are what you want. They are visually and chemically the exactly the same as mined stones, but do not contribute to the land destruction and resource depletion in the way that naturally-mined stones do.
All of our fresh-water pearls come from certified sustainable pearl fisheries, and we use all the baroque pearls without waste.In sustainable pearl farming, the habitat for the mussels or oysters is carefully arranged to meet all the ideal conditions for pearl production. This eliminates any risk to the local ecosystem and gives the process the best shot at success. Sustainable farming allows those factors to be controlled fairly and safely.

We at LLJ spent a long time testing factories and producers to find the right fit for our philosophies. We have found that the lowest environmental impact and carbon output per piece is only possible when we work with large producers who are specialised in the craft of Silver and Gold production. After creating our designs in-house we work hand in hand with our partners based in Italy, Czech Republic, Thailand and Asia to ensure each piece has a minimum impact. Each design is sent to it’s own specialist manufacturer where recycled goods are used throughout the process. Our partners are audited for certification, fair wages, waste and recycling facilities, and work with us to create a carbon neutral final product.
Even though we’re small, we’re a company creating new products and we want to ensure we do that with love and can continue to do that forever without damaging the world around us.

We work with the following certificates across our production chain.

RJC- Responsible Jewelry Council

SedexSustainable Supply Chain

Amfori BSCI(Business Social Compliance Initiative)

Additionally, we ensure employees across the production benefit from recieving fair working conditions and a living wage.

Allergies & Skin Friendly

Yes, this is very important to us that all the jewelry we offer is allergy-friendly.

We have put our jewelry through numerous tests, and as a result have gotten a lot of positive feedback from some of our customers like you. No rashes, no red marks, and no green skin. This is the result of buying pure 925 Silver Jewelry.

We use a thick layer using modern processes of e-bonding to ensure your gold plating will last long. You should feel comfortable in your jewellery and not worry about every little thing or showers. However, be careful of chemical and harmful substances. Perfume and soap will fasten the fading. Be careful wearing your jewelry in a chlorinated pool or in the sea. This can do more damage in one hour than several years worth of wear and tear. Chlorine in swimming pools, hot tubs, and even cleaning supplies, will attack the other metals that are alloyed with our golden coating. If you take care of our items the gold plating will last through all your adventures.

Shipping + handling

We offer Free Shipping as standard across Europe, UK, USA, Canada, and most of the world.

Standard shipping is sent without a tracking link and shipping times vary based on your destination.

Express shipping with a tracking number is available for all destinations, or for free on orders above 75€

SWITZERLAND : * Please note we do not offer shipping to Switzerland at this time due to strict taxation and import requirements, we are very sorry for this.

Of course, all our orders go without an invoice and in our beautiful jewelry packaging, ideal for gift-giving.

Every order includes a hand-written thank you card. If you would like to include your own gift note just let us know in the comments at check out.

Return shipping is not included in the product price. If you are unhappy with your jewelry or there is a problem, we recommend just contacting us at to start the return process and get packing instructions.

All our orders are sent with carbon-.neutral green shipping supplied by DHL and DeutschePost. This green process helps us stay carbon neutral throughout the entire product journey.

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