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About Us

A Love Story.

"All you need is love" - the Beatles

Love is in all we do. Love for details, Love for quality and Love for the world.

We are a young brand, founded between friends, with a focus of bringing something new to the jewelry industry.

We strive to design delicate jewelry pieces that reflect our individuality. We believe that jewelry does not need to be garish to stand out. 

Our designs are transformed into long lasting, high-quality pieces by using highest grade raw materials. The materials used in the production process are exclusively sourced from conflict-free zones around the world. 

A Local Viewpoint.

"I have a vision of the world as a Global Village, a world without boundaries" - Christa McAuliffe

Act Local - Think Global. Your jewelry is more than a fashion statement. It should be unique, it should express your attitude and it should make you happy. 

We believe in delivering all this, without the negative environmental impacts. Fair to the workers, and fair to the earth. We hold ourselves to practices that create the least wastage and impact at every stage of the journey. All the way from sourcing our raw materials to delivering a finished product to your door. No unnecessary packaging, no unnecessary printing, no collaboration with companies that do not exhibit social and environmental compliance.


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